Christmas Day

We decided not to get the whole family together again for Christmas Day. Heather bought her own turkey and ham and they invited one of Pato's friends to come over. Abby and Justin had three places to go to (every Christmas) so this would make their day easier. Shelley invited her Dad over for roast.

Since we were cooking the whole meal anyway, I told Stevie he could come eat with us as he had no plans. When I called to find out when to pick him up, he said Josh was bringing him out. Then I got a call from Abby, she wanted to come out and help me cook our meal, even though they weren't staying to eat it. How sweet is that?

I still over did it and payed for it with back pain increasing. Abby must have noticed it because she asked me to take over putting cream cheese on celery while she did dishes. We talked as we worked and suddenly I noticed that I had cut the celery as if I was putting it in the dressing (tiny little bites instead of two inch or longer slices. Oh, brother! "Abby, get the dressing bowl out of the refrigerator so I can add this to it."

I then put cream cheese on the other half of the celery stick I'd cut and on we went. The third or fourth time I cut half of the celery stick into mini pieces, I asked Steve to take over doing the celery. It wasn't funny anymore, it was embarrassing. Justin kept offering to throw away the mistakes I cut, as he hates celery!

Soon, it was time for Abby and Justin to leave, but just the amount that Abby did helped me tremendously. And it was great that she wanted to help her old mom out. Not too long after that the boys showed up. We ate our dinner and all were too stuffed for pie. That's when I noticed I hadn't taken the 24 Hour Salad out of the refrigerator. That made me mad. I hate cooking bacon anyway, so the fact that I had and we forgot to eat what I prepared was soooo frustrating (but typical Kathy).

After a short time, I started putting food away and asked for help. Steve II came in and helped me put most of it away. We also gave portions of everything to the boys to take home, too. Eventually Josh came in and helped too. I was just in too much pain to do it all. I wished there was a surgery to fix the pain in my back.

With all the sales going on, now is a good time to save money (if you have any left to spend). To see Howie Mondel being hilarious, go to kamoons15 to see my comment on his video!