Bedbugs Are A Nightmare!

You've heard of bedbugs, but have you ever seen one? Our mothers used to tell us to "sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite", why is that? If you've ever had bedbugs, you'll know why.

The bedbug is an insect that got its name from where it normally lives: mattresses, sofas, and any other furniture it can find to reside (even dressers and end tables). You normally find them moving around at night, especially just before dawn. They are attracted by warmth and carbon dioxide. But...they are not easy to find unless you know where to look.

The bug has two hollow tubes that it injects into you, one sends out an anesthetic (so you don't feel the bite) and an anticoagulant (so your blood thins to make you bleed easier). The other tube is used to withdraw your blood. Scary, huh?

This bug thrives in places with high occupancy, such as hotels and motels. Their population has increased in the US by 500% in the last few years. That makes me feel a little less secure about staying in a hotel when I'm on vacation as they've been found in large hotel chains, too.

To prevent having this nightmare happen to you, there is a great solution. BugZip sent me a few of their products to try out. They are paying me a modest amount for my time and I am giving them an honest review of their product.

The bed bug encasement is made out of heavy duty vinyl and you place your suitcase inside it, zip it up, and you're all set. (It is important to use two hands and go around the corners slowly to ensure the zipper closes correctly.) Bedbugs find it hard to climb up the vinyl sides. They also have drawer liner sizes, so you can place your clothes inside them and feel confident you won't be taking home any unwanted visitors when you leave.

When you're ready to go home, leave the encasements in the hotel room and be on your way. I've never had bedbugs at home or known if they were in hotels we've stayed at, but I have a trip coming up and I surely am going to be using BugZip in every suitcase. They are cheap insurance to prevent bedbugs from coming home with you.

If you are battling bedbugs, getting the drawer liner sizes, and placing your clothes in them will make living a little more normal for you. (Rather than living out of garbage bags.)

I strongly recommend getting this product if you are planning any type of travel in your future. A little prevention is worth way more than a pound of cure! Halfmoon