Mikayla, are you pooping?

We watched Mikayla Tuesday evening while Ab went to her class. We went earlier than we normally do as she invited us for supper to be eaten before she went to school. She had made a chicken dish that had cream cheese inside the chicken and a coating on the outside. It was wonderful! We also had mashed spuds and mushrooms sauteed in butter. I tell you, it was like going to a restaurant.

Abby has a lot on her plate right now. Besides her normal classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights, she is taking an excellerated class that is during the day and two weeks in length. She took two weeks of vacation from work to enable her to take this class. Anyway, she just took a test over twelve chapters. Whew! That would have stressed me out to the max!

I asked her if she wanted any help on studying, or on anything in general. She said she'd love it if I could come over and quiz her on her vocabulary. So Steve and I went over last night (Wednesday), ate a pizza, and started the quizzing. Mikayla wandered back and forth between the living room (where Grandpa was taking practice testing on our laptop) and the kitchen (where Abby was doing the dishes while I quizzed her). It was great!

After the dishes were done, Abby started running the water in the tub to give Mikayla a bath and I continued the quiz. Mikayla sat on her little potty chair before getting into the tub. She was so cute sitting on it. Up she got, deciding, I guess, that she didn't have to go. She put the little lid down and climbed up on the chair (that converts into a stool with the lid down). Abby said, "Sit down Mikayla" so she squatted down as she held the side of the tub. By then the tub was filled enough for her bath so Abby picked her up and placed her into the tub.

After soaping Kayla down, Abby reached to the left to put the bottle of washing gel back in it's place and noticed there was something on top of the potty chair. You guessed it. At least she was in the general vicinity of where she was supposed to go. Apparently she went potty when she was squatted down on top of the stool. What a kid!

The story's not done yet....shortly after Abby rinsed Kayla off, she noticed her sitting kind of funny in the tub. "Mikayla, are you pooping?" I'm sure you all know the rest of the story. I about died laughing. Abby thought that it was funny, too, but didn't know what to do at that point. I told her "Get a plastic cup that you don't mind throwing away and scoop those two things out." I'm sure there are books about how to deal with things of this type, who knows? Have a great day! Halfmoon