Winter Olympics Are On

Whenever Mikayla gets a little antsy, I get out the little purse-size Renew Lotion and we put a dab on her hands. She rubs her hands together then rubs her cheeks (she's a natural at it). It takes her mind off of wanting her Mommy and we both get soft hands.

She's taken me to the refrigerator a few times for her glass of milk. That little girl loves drinking milk, she amazes me. Other times she walks me to the garbage pail so she can throw away her used Kleenex. The Olympics are on so occasionally I have her watch the ice skaters skate across the ice.

Of course, at bedtime she takes both Steve's and my hand and walks us to the bedroom, gives us each a hug and she lays right down! What a kid! We tell her goodnight and close the bedroom door and she normally goes right to sleep. Once in a while, you'll hear her talking to herself over the monitor, just cracks me up!

I hope when Mikayla gets older, she doesn't have problems with her skin.
I've had a lot of people talk to me about a treatment for eczema. I was lucky when I was young, I suppose having dry skin kept me from having eczema. Here's hoping you have a great day!