Another Nite w/Mikayla

Abby's at school again tonight and this is our night to stay with Mikayla (Teresa, Mikayla's other Grandma, stays with her the opposite Tuesdays). Abby made tacos and burritos for supper tonight and they were yummy!

I layed down for about 10 minutes before supper so when I came out to eat, Kayla was in her highchair eating a burrito, some peas, and drinking a glass of her milk, happy as can be. I've never known a child who likes peas. It's so cool to watch her eat them.

Mikayla has a cold, sad to say, so her nose is runny and she has a bad cough. My heart just goes out to my grandkids when they are sick. This is one little girl who let's you wipe her nose without putting up a fight. I just love it!

Since our computer desk is so huge, I'm going to take Steve to look at some office furniture. I think we should have an office upstairs and use some of that wasted space.