Snow, snow and more snow!

OK, I know it's Iowa but enough of the white stuff! Steve's sick of it, I'm sick of it, and I bet all of you are sick of it too!

Steve went to Earlham this morning (while I caught some zzzzs) and after I soaked in the whirlpool for an hour and a half - two hours, I finally decided maybe I should go back to bed. I couldn't keep my eyes open, so what's the use. Of course by the time I drained and cleaned the tub, I was wide awake again.

After catching up on the laundry, I sat down to watch have a little DVD time. It wasn't long when Steve came in the door. Time to go to DSM to the Y and possibly the library. If I had skin care problems, I would checkout the top acne treatment online!

The drive to DSM was a little hairy. There were probably 10 - 12 cars in the ditches and between the east and west sections of the interstate. I was a little nervous to continue the drive. Steve reminded me that I had things to do on my blog, so I didn't express my unease in continuing. I mean, there were cars upside down on the ride in.

Instead of chickening out, I coached Steve on the drive in (which I'm sure he loved) and reminded him of the rules of winter driving :) tee hee. If we survive the ride home, I'll touch base here again. In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend, but safely and especially, watch out for the other guy! Halfmoon