After the Fact

This is me sitting at the registration table. I tried to grab my glasses before the pic was taken, didn't work.

Remember how I dreaded seeing certain people at the reunion? Boy, did I have a case of nerves for nothing. I will say the first half of the night was a little boring. The main problem is, no one had name tags on, thus, I didn't know many faces. I think there were four girls that still looked like they did when they were young so I recognized them. Same went for the guys.

Steve and I sat with Connie Powell (maiden name), Patty Brown, and another girl whose name was Jewel Tomlinson (I think), plus Patty and Jewel's husbands. At one point Steve turned to me and said Patty and her husband live in Montgomery, AL. That's the next city to Prattville where my sister and brother-in-law live. Small world.

Once people started dancing, everyone seemed to loosen up and enjoy the night more. I decided to introduce myself to those who I couldn't place. I ended up reconnecting with a lot of people I went to school with and received many hugs. It was great. They really should have had name tags, personalized basketballs, or something so we could recognize people.

Steve and I went to Ameristar afterwards for a short while, then made the long drive home.