Josh Came Over

Josh had the day off yesterday so after lunch he brought Cambria with him to visit. Shelley had taken Taylor and Carter to the Iowa State Fair with Angie and Jadah. Josh didn't want to be in the heat all day and that wouldn't have been good for Cambria either.

Steve was on the computer for the first half of the visit. Josh and I sat on the living room floor with Cambria and played with toys with her. Man, can she move fast. I've never seen anyone crawl that quick in my life. Once, I rolled a car toward her. She didn't know it was coming and the next thing I saw was her standing at the couch. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it. I don't know if the sound scared her, or if she just decided that's where she wanted to be. What a hoot!

Josh showed us a few houses that the Realtor sent him. They so want to move to their own home. I don't blame them, I can remember what it was like to rent. Pretty soon, Cambria started getting a little cranky so I made a pallet on the floor and Josh layed down with her and gave her a bottle.

All the guys in my family love to fish, Josh included. However, he doesn't have as much time to do it as the others. I know Josh loves to have fish frys at his house. We have a few fish in our freezer waiting for the next one. I wonder if the guys still smoke cigars while they fish like they used to.

I keep telling Steve I'll go with him the next time he goes fishing so I can see if I can sit that long. I'd like to get a license and fish with them.

Back to yesterday, Josh called Shelley at least three times to see if she was going in to work that evening. If so, he needed to be at home before she left. Since he received no response, he loaded Cambria up and drove home. Turned out, Shelley wasn't working so he could have stayed longer. Shelley said she told him before she left that she wasn't going to work. Oh, well, there'll be another time to visit soon. We usually see him and Heather's family pretty often.

Do you have any fish stories or stories about your grandkids? Let me know!