Time With Mikayla

Wednesday I went with Abby and Mikayla to Abby's doctor appointment. I stayed in the lobby with Mikalya while Abby did her thing. They had a neat little corner for kids, a little table and chairs, a TV with kids shows and an aquarium with lots of cool fish swimming around.

Mikayla calls me Momma and Steve Papa. She calls Abby Mommy. Abby's tried to get her to call me Grandma, MiMi, and a few other names but Mikayla refuses to call me anything but Momma. How cute is that? Justin told Abby to let Kayla call me whatever she wants, it's OK.

When we were waiting for Abby to go in for her appointment, I walked over to the drinking fountain to get a cup of water. As I was walking back, Mikayla came running to me and yelled "Momma!" What few people were in the lobby, looked at me and I'm sure wondered how I could have a child that young :)

After the appointment, I sat in the car as Abby stopped to run into HyVee. I played a game with Mikayla having her repeat words I said as I pointed to the objects. Finally, I said, "Say Mommy," she replied correctly. "Say Daddy," again she said it right. "Say Grandpa," she replies "Papa", you know what's coming next right? "Say Grandma," and she said "Momma". I said, "Mikayla, can't you say Grandma?" Mikayla's response was "Nope". What a sweetheart!

They are only little for so long. Before I know it she and her cousins will be visiting Grandma's with ipods on their laps and they'll be listening to their favorite songs. I know how fast it goes having raised four kids.

I remember when Abby moved out, I really thought it wouldn't bother me. Wrong. It was one of the hardest things I've gone through, other than Heather, my oldest, getting married. Seems like those are turning points in my life. I hope it won't be as hard when my grandkids get married!

Here's a pic of Mikayla at a story time. Shelley's also in the pic with Carter and Cambria (in the car seat). Wish I could have been there. We never did that type of thing when our kids were young. Oh, well, I never had time for it, anyway. Hope you have plans for a great weekend.

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