It's Campfire Time Again

We decided to have a campfire on Saturday night and Josh and Heather's families came over to grill out and enjoy time together. Actually, Steve and I had gone to Josh's the night before and they had a small campfire which fired (pun intended) the desire to start having them again.

Josh's family and Steve and I had hamburgers to grill. Heather's family had other ideas: Brats and steak soft tacos. Man, I wish I'd known that, I'd have loved having one of their tacos. Yum! Pato is a Master Griller, seriously. Josh is really good, too. If I'd known Pato was coming, I'd have thawed the chicken legs I'd bought with hopes that Pato would cook them some day.

Having the grandkids out, too, is always wonderful. Christiano is getting less shy and actually put his arms up to me tow different times and I held him for a short while each time, then he'd slide down and walk around more or go to his Mom.

Heather brought stuff for S'mores, the marshmallows were huge. I had one huge marshmallow, that was enough for me. S'mores are great, but also a real mess to deal with. The kids and grandkids love them, so they're worth it.

Some day I'm going to have a large three-season porch to sit in when the insects come out to spoil your fun. It would have one of those Casablanca ceiling fans for nights when there is no breeze so we'd still be comfortable.

I've been wanting an enclosed place to sit in outside so I can read or just relax for so long. There's so many things we need to get done on this place though, the porch is not the top priority.

What are your desires? Did you have a great weekend? Be sure to let me know! Halfmoon