More of the Same

Anyone who knows us knows Heather and Pato's apartment building burned last Saturday. They are losing a lot, sad to say. They have two garages now with their beds, dressers, and clothes. The couch and kitchen table and chairs are not salvageable. As far as the mattresses and clothes, it depends on if they can get the smoke/mildew smell out.

The family is reeling in shock. Steve went over Wednesday and helped Pato (on his day off). Today, Steve, Steve II, and Justin (possibly Josh) spent the day and have most out except closets emptied. I just hate it. People ask Heather what they need, she doesn't know, honestly.

Until they have a place to live, they cannot get things out of the garage to see if they can make the smell go away. Heather bought a 24 pack of beer and took it to Josh's for Dad and Josh and Steve II (if he's still there). Hopefully, no one will have to go into alcohol detox after this is all over.

If you want to see my grandson's interview with TV8, here is the video. And here is Heather's blog if you're interested in making a donation to help. Other's have asked, so she put a Paypal button on the blog,

On other notes, I had my upper endoscopy yesterday and I'm happy to say, I slept through it. Didn't hurt me a bit! :) I have to go to the hospital for another test Feb 9 as for some reason, I'm not digesting food like you should??? I have to eat a hard boiled egg while they watch what is going on. Don't suppose I can sleep through that, huh?