What a Week

Sunday we stopped at Josh's for a quick visit after church. Both Josh and Heather's families were all there. It's so great to see half my family all at once. Of course, Alyce was the first to run to me, hug me, and say, "Grandma!". Then it was Kat's turn.

While we talked to Josh, Kat held both my hands, (her back to me) wrapping my arms around her. We held hands for quite a while. I'm only mentioning this as right before we left, Heather told me Kat had vomited that morning. You ever have second thoughts? I really wish I'd washed my hands before I left.

Monday evening the vomiting and diarrhea started. I had made navy bean soup with dumplings. I may never eat them again. You know how it is when you're sick after eating something you love. This continued on throughout the night.

Anytime I turned over to try to find a more comfortable position, I'd have to run to the bathroom again. By morning, my whole body ached. I felt like I needed to sleep on a cloud.

The next day resulted in only nausea, but my rib area hurt really bad if I'd cough or laugh. You know something is always funny when your ribs hurt. Man! I called Heather Tuesday early evening and asked if anyone else got sick. Since then ten of the eleven people living there had it. (And they only have 1 bathroom :( ) I think Pato is the only one who didn't get it. I finally started feeling better on Thursday evening.

Oh, well, on to feeling better!