That Same Old Feeling

I don't know if I've written about this or not before. I went through this a while back and apparently I'm having to go through it again. What is it?

I don't want to go to the YMCA or church. I hate the thought of going. Once I'm in the building, I'm fine, but the stress of thinking about it and actually getting into the car and getting there, kills me.

I've always had a streak of shyness in me, especially going out in public, like a restaurant, etc. The buffet type about does me in. I feel like everyone's waiting on me to move so they can get their food.

I know when I was young, I had buck teeth and was teased unmercifully. That made me not want to smile or talk to others. For some reason, after I had my teeth straightened, the feeling never left.

I get depressed once in a while about my health (back/neck/hands), and then I don't want to go anywhere. Steve has to really work on it to get me to go to the Y. When I say yes right away, he'll say, "You're kidding me."

He loves going there. He'd be there every day of the week if he could. I wonder if he takes pre workout supplements. He probably should, if he doesn't.

As I was saying, it is rare that I want to go to either place, but I'm always glad when I'm done. I suppose everyone is after a workout, right? How about you? Do you have to really talk yourself or be talked into to do something?