One Time at Josh's

One time when we visited at Joshua's, I saw the funniest thing. Carter had Cambria in the back of a dump truck, pushing her around from the kitchen to the living room and back. The truck was big enough for her to sit comfortably with her legs tucked under her.

I was afraid she'd fall out of it as Carter was really motating through the house. Cambria just held on to the sides and giggled. Man, what a picture! I couldn't quit watching it.

I asked Jay, "Won't she fall out of there?" He told Carter to take her out of it before she gets hurt. But on and on it went. If Carter took her out, Cambria would climb back in and grin.

My computer just made a funny little beeping sound. Sometimes I think I should have data backup in case something goes wrong. Well, hey, I don't know how to run a backup, anyway.

Back to the kids, they continued whirling around the house until we left, Cambria was having a blast and Carter loved it, too!