I Need to Order Today

I'm really late putting in my Melaleuca order this month. I normally do it before the 24Th of the month, but since I've been so sick, I haven't touched my computer for over a week.

I love the things I get, but, I'm not a saleswoman. Heather was really good at getting people to come in under her, including me, and actually had an income from it. I just order what I love and throughout the year, I order things for my family for XMAS. I suppose I should get busy after this and look through my cabinets to see what we need.

Steve had a class this morning, then went to look at a house with Heather and Pato. Sounds like his boss will co-sign for them now. Hooray! The house they looked at had all the pipes busted, water damage on the basement walls where they cut them away due to mold.

He called me after that and I encouraged him to go to the Y. (Then I don't have to go, teehee). One thing I first noticed about him when I met him was his muscular arms (okay, not the very first thing). I suppose his line of work helped build those muscles but, I might suggest myoswell to him as he's lost some of it. He still looks good though!

I wished they had something to take for bones that are degenerating (spine, neck, knees). That's what I need. Well, that's it for now. Send me a comment to let me know how you are doing!