Bday Party for Alyce

Last Saturday Heather and Pato celebrated Alyce's 5Th birthday. What an excited little girl! She is such a sweetheart with such a lovely smile.

Of course, H's family was all there, Steve and Syd were there, Josh's family, Justin, Kayla, and Aiden, and Steve and I rounded out our family. Heather had also invited Angie and Danielle (high school friends) and their kids.

We had maidrites, chips and dip, and, of course, cake and ice cream. The cake was from Hy-Vee, I'm sure. It had that wonderful icing. Of all the gifts Alyce got, her favorite was a little furry puppy in its own purse. Aiden really liked that, too.

I forgot to take my camcorder or camera which really bummed me out but I'm thinking of looking at portable hard drives so I can take my files and pictures that are on my computer anywhere, plus the bonus of not having to worry about a crash anymore! Then, all the pics I take and store on my computer will be safe. What an ingenious idea! I wonder if Heather has one.

Hope you have happy holidays, and stay safe.