A Great Day

I just had the most wonderful day and evening, I had to let you know about it. Today is Wednesday, December 14, (the day before my beautiful Heather's bday). I started out the day by sleeping in (I just love doing that).

Watched a little TV (Nate Burkus ((sp?)) show, then Dr. Phil,) and got my gear ready to head to West Des Moines. I had an hour long massage which was so great, I felt like a wet noodle after it.

On to Glad Tidings for a little food for the spirit. I actually go to an A of G church close to my home but on Wednesday nights they don't have a bible study and I need it. It was as great as expected so once again headed back home.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Steve got a call for work this morning which started the day out even better. It's only for a week but may lead into more so here's hoping. With the heating bills getting higher, we can sure use the income.

I wish our state would deregulate the electric companies so we could choose who we want to be customers of. Then we could have companies competing for us and save 10% or more like people who switch to new jersey energy. Wouldn't that be great to have cost go down instead of up.

We've been using our Heat Surge at night to heat the bedroom. It's really nice and it saves on using our propane. How do you heat your home?