Monday night, or rather, early Tuesday morning, I went to bed at 2:00 AM. At 4:00 my phone rang. It was Abby and she needed someone to stay with Kayla as she had a fever and could not be taken to the sitter.

I set my alarm for 5 and tried to go back to sleep. Since that didn't happen, I got up and took my bath and decided to go to Abby's early. While on my way, I realized it was a good thing I left when I did as I would be arriving at 6:30 when Ab had asked me to be there.

Kayla was a little angel. Even though she didn't feel good, she was so easy to watch. She watched Dora on the TV while I lay next to her (trying not to fall asleep). She ate breakfast and later lunch and finally said, "I don't feel good." Oh, my poor grandbaby, I felt so bad for her. She was a real trouper though. I let her take her nap on the couch, which made her happier.

Justin came home around 3:30 to take Kayla to the doctor. At the appointment, her temp was 102 so Abby stayed home with her kids today. The doctor said she didn't have strepp but did have a virus. Of course, the dreaded virus. Which you do not get meds for. I hate that.

I think what our whole family needs is to go to a family all inclusive resort to relax and have fun. That way we could all build up our immune systems and be ready to take on the world again.

Hope this finds everyone happy and healthy. May you have a Merry Christmas!