Steve's Birthday

As you all know, Steve's birthday is Dec. 24. He turned 60 this year, which means I'm not far behind. We decided to surprise him with a party at Shang Yuen.

I told him we needed to meet Abby at 5 so she could give him her Christmas gift as she worked on Christmas day. After driving to I-80, he asked me where we were meeting her. I told him on Hickman where she was doing something else on her day off. When we passed 63rd street, he asked me where on Hickman were we meeting. I told him I wasn't sure, somewhere near Hickman and Merle Hay Rd.

He asked me if it was some where on the corner. Nope! I'm thinking by then he knew where I was heading. Anyway, we usually try to go to that Chinese restaurant every year. When I pulled into their parking lot and parked, I said, "We might as well get something to eat while we wait."

He asked me if we should pull tables together (before someone else came in and took them). Yep! He knew. I smiled sheepishly and said that was a great idea. They ought to give out trophies for guessing ahead of time that a party was planned.

Oh, well, we all ate and opened presents and it was fun and yummy. Steve loved every gift given to him: Heather - a money clip with her 4 kids pics on it (looks like diamonds surrounding it) and a sweatshirt that he's already worn, Steve II - a neat knife that flips out when you push or squeeze something, Josh - A jacket that Steve said is really warm, and Abby - a percolator coffee pot (Steve's been wanting one forever). I know there were more gifts, but I can't recall them right now.

Josh and Shelley gave me a big box that had a beautiful Angel statue with wire wings to add to my collection around my garden. I almost cried when I saw it. Beautiful! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Eve, the night we celebrate when Jesus was born.