My Poor Aching....

jaw. Had to go in to the dentist (again) to have a filling put in a tooth. I swear, if I get one more check-up with another cavity, I'm going to go stir-crazy. Steve comes home from his check-ups and 'NO CAVITIES' practically every time. It just isn't fair.

I actually had this appointment made for about a month ago. The morning of the appointment I had thrush AGAIN. I get it really easy. That's not fair either. OK, I'll quit whining now, either that or you're going to ask me to pass the cheese.

Really, it went pretty well today but you know how you tend to bite your cheek afterwards cause it gets in the way? That was me totally. Now, it's just a little throbbing where the shots went.  He is so good. Seriously, he talks me through everything he does with a soft voice, it just relaxes me and I don't tense up.

I think I have a check-up appointment in February, can't wait to see if I can say, "No cavities!"