Yesterday was a long day.  I started out with an hour or so in the whirlpool tub (ahhhhhh).  Then Steve, Steve II and I met Abby and her little munchkins at our favorite place, Taco Bell!  The food was outstanding as usual.  Aiden wasn't much in the mood for food, though we tried. 

Towards the end, Abby left the table for a minute and I looked back and Kayla was feeding Aiden with a spork.  It was so cute. He finally started eating a little, ended up eating maybe a third of his soft taco.  What he really wanted was my Dr. Pepper.  When he first sat in the highchair, he grabbed it and was drinking it before I knew it.  Abby was like, "Mom, what are you letting my son do?"  I rescued my pop and from then on he wanted Abby's water.

Abby took Steve with her to Winterset to pick up a ceramic Christmas tree to take over to Grandma.  Steve II and I went shopping for the items on his list.  There weren't any baseball gifts, but that could be next Friday, you never know. 

After that I took Steve back to his friend's house to let out the dogs and on up to his girlfriend's house.  The directions were to look for a barn that looked like an old lady that was across from her house.  On back to Adel to pick up my hubby and back home to eat and get ready for the Bible study.  We stayed for a visit with Mom, then back home.  Whew.  I slept pretty good after all that.