Linda Comes Over Tonight

This is Tuesday, again, and I cannot wait till evening comes.  Linda and I get together each week to visit and she gives me my allergy shots while she is here.  She is my best friend.

We will watch 'Raising Hope' together and then will watch a DVD (probably 'Everybody Loves Raymond') and just sit and visit.  Linda normally brings a cross-stitch project to work on and I crochet on the current afghan I'm working on.  Right now it is Carter's red and blue afghan.  I just finished Alyce's rainbow colored afghan.

Steve will probably be working on Friday night's Bible Study for the assisted living ladies.  He uses a white board for his notes.  We really need to look into whiteboard mount deals to really spruce up our presentation.

This Friday night Taylor, and maybe Jordan, will be giving their testimonies to the ladies.  I am very excited to see how that comes out.  We're still trying to get a microphone so we don't have to strain our voices talking loud enough for the women to hear.

All in all, it will be a fun night and week to come.  Have a great week!