Back in the Old Days

I just love the Facebook game that's called Words With Friends.  I'm playing it with Abby right now!  You can play across town or across the country.  Sometimes my sisters Jackie and Sue play it with me.  They are both better than me.  Of course, they've played a lot longer than me and know a lot of weird words to play.  Who ever heard of qi?  Abby asked me what it meant after saying, "You and Jackie, what's with the words qi and qis?" I have to admit I don't know what it means.  I guess I better look it up sometime.

Since watching 'Little House on the Prairie', I've been thinking about what it would have been like living back in those days.  Going off to a new state because the government gave you 160 acres of land free.  Cutting down trees to build your family a home, cutting notches in them so they will fit together to create air tight (or nearly air tight) walls.

Then you go hunting for supper and get chased by some wolves, so you end up dropping the game you shot, only to have the wolves follow you home and endanger your livestock.  Not to mention the thought of Indians in the area.  I guess there were hard times for our pioneers. 

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Caroline sure had a lot of pluck when it came to being a pioneer woman.  I wouldn't have made it back then, I'm too much a pansy.