Time with Kayla and Aiden

Today Abby had an appointment in the morning, so Steve and I went over to spend time with her kids.  After Abby left, Kayla told me she went to a dental appointment earlier.  I knew Abby was taking the 3 of them to an 8:30 AM appointment (thank you for not asking me to watch them or go with you that early).

After Kayla told me about it she said, "See!" and smiled a big smile and I saw how white her teeth were, sparkling really.  I asked her if Aiden had his teeth cleaned, too.  But she said no. 

We had a fun time with the kids.  They had the most fun pressing their new toothbrushes onto the baby wipes container (they had suction cups on the bottom of the toothbrushes).  Then they would pull the brushes back and it would pop the baby wipes container open.  They'd laugh every time.  It made me laugh when they laughed.  It was almost as fun as triangle direct

After lunch and when Abby was back, the kids went down for naps and Abby and I did, too.  I talked Steve into working on his Bible study work while I slept.  It was grand, just didn't last long enough.  After that I dragged myself to the car to drive to Walmart and then on to the Y.  Steve was happy.  It's the first time I've been to the Y in quite a while.