Still on a Crutch

My leg is still painful when I walk without my crutch.  If I use it for a couple days, the pain is light.  I can even walk without the crutch for a short while.  Then the pain comes back with revenge. Sometimes the pain is as bad as it was when I broke my arm.  Back to the crutches.

Steve is in Winterset at his Mom's again.  I think there were two or three rooms left last night.  I can't say envy them the work they are doing.  It's already 6:00 PM and he's still not home.  Maybe he needs a Momentum Vortech Watch.

I have know idea what we're going to have for supper.  Just don't feel good enough to cook.  But, what's knew, I never like to cook anymore.  Steve rarely cooks, once in a while he cooks bacon but, that's pretty much it.