Looking For Help

I walked around on crutches for one day.  Then I went to get a knee immobilizer and walked with that on and used one crutch.  After a few days, I walked with just one crutch, no immobilizer.  Eventually, I bought a cane.

I could walk with the cane and it made my leg feel better, but my hand jiggled a lot on the cane, so it seemed a little scary.  Then, Steve brought me an old platform cane from his Mom's.  It is what I need but the tips of the cane are mostly gone.

This would be so much easier if I had hurt my ankle or foot.  I could get one of those knee walkers at rentakneewalker.com.  Unfortunately it is my knee that was hurt.

I bought a platform cane to try it out.  The platform still isn't that sturdy.  I do better on the crutch.  So I am back on the crutch again.  I don't see the orthopedic doctor for another week.  Bummer.  I do have PT three days this week, hope it will help.