Let's Dream Again

It's been quite a while since I put my thoughts on paper (electronically speaking).  It's funny how your dreams change as you get older (probably cause you grow up somewhat).

Years ago, I just wanted a house big enough for our family, a nice car, healthy kids, and to live long enough to see all my grandchildren be born.  Then I wanted a smaller house (as the kids left the home), a newer car, and healthy kids and grandchildren.

Right now, I wouldn't mind just making plans to rent a beach house somewhere where it's above 75 degrees.  I'd take a couple outfits, a suitcase full of books to read, and a couple 12-packs of Dr. Pepper. 

We'd do the norm, stock up at the local store for breakfasts and lunches and eat out at supper.  That's what we always did when we took the kids on vacation (less expensive that way).  As for now, I think I'll be dreaming in my sleep.