My wish list

So I was thinking about what I want to do this summer to our house and yard. We need to paint our siding and get new shingles on our roof. We need new gutters and soffet. I want to get seed and get some grass growing in our back yard under the tree and near the garage. 

Last year we bought the kids a new swing set. Now, it wasn't like anything you would get at swing sets arlington va but it is still a really nice set. We just need to power wash it and re-stain it. 

After we get our taxes back we will concentrate on paying off our credit card. We can then start really saving up so that in the future, we can make big purchases with money from our savings instead of on a credit card. OR we could make the purchase on a 0% interest credit card and make monthly payments with that money we had stashed away. That way we could keep gaining interest on the money in the savings account. Signing off for now, Abby.