A Warmer Day

I never thought I'd say this, but having the temp at 39 degrees that seems warm (compare to the cold windy days we've been having).  Can you believe it?  That's Iowa's weather for you.

The sun is out and there's a little wind, but, hopefully, the snow will start melting.  I hate winter.   I think we are supposed to start getting snow again tonight.  I sure hope all this snow will help the farmers next spring.  I can't think of anything else positive about our weather.

I just talked to Abby, she's going to walk the mall and she told me she had the kids with her.  I said, "You're going to walk the mall with the two kids?"  She answered, "We'll see."

Steve is on his way to the Y and then will clean the church after that.  That means he won't be home until early evening. 

Hope your weather is better than ours!