When Steve Comes Home....

I'm  going to ask him to get his guitar out and start practicing again.  Our grandkids need to hear him play.

We used to go over to Steve's Mom and Dad's house and Bert would get his guitar out, Steve would have his guitar, and sometimes Tom would play the base (I think).  It was wonderful.  My kids remember a lot of those times when they would play together.

Sometimes Bert would have friends over, one played the banjo.  They would play together.  Sometimes I'd sing with them if I knew the song.  Other times I would just listen and watch.  It is always wonderful to be around music.

Heather played the clarinet at school, however, her music teacher said she could pick up any instrument and play.  She played the piano at home.  I did too, but I was not good at it.  Once you changed what key it was in, I was lost.

I want our grandkids to love music, especially guitars, like my kids did.  Do you have any music in your house?