The Sound of Guns

Josh applied and was approved for a gun permit a while back.  Today, he brought out his new gun and is outside practicing.  Tay is here with him and she's waiting her turn that she will get to practice too.

The first two shots went to the left and beyond the target.  So, out comes the gun's paperwork to see how to adjust the sights.  If I felt better, I'd be out there with them.  Yep, still nauseated.  I figured you guessed that.

Of course, if I felt good, and if I got a turn, I'd probably have to stand on a car lift to be able to be tall enough to aim at the target.

The last time there was practice shooting, it was rifles, and I did indeed get to try it out.  However, I never hit the targets.  Oh, well.  Maybe next time.