Let me introduce myself

This is Abby, Kathy's daughter. I am standing in for my mom today as she is sick. I will tell you a little about myself. I am 27 years old, married, and have two children. They are Kayla, 4 and Aiden, 1 1/2. They keep me busy when I'm not at work.

I worked a closing shift today. I'm the department supervisor at a home improvement store. I was off yesterday, so I was nervous of what I would be walking into today. I was pleasantly surprised. My associates got a lot of inventory tagging done for me and the department was in great shape.

I would say, overall, today was a good day. I don't always have positive days, but the past few have been great! When I was walking into work today, I was thinking, "I need to get some new arnette sunglasses." I love sunglasses and have to have a pair in my car and my husband's car so I always have a pair when I need one.

My eyes are very sensitive to light, so that is why I have to have my sunglasses at all times. Even on a cloudy day, there I am, the only one wearing sunglasses. Its crazy, I know. Signing off for today. Abby