The Damage From the Storm

Two minutes before the storm hit, I was outside smoking my one-third cigarette.  It started raining lightly and the wind started blowing harder.  I came inside inside just in time. 

The wind started increasing and the rain really started coming down.  I found out afterwards the wind got up to 60 and 70 miles per hour.  Wow!  I'm glad I came in when I did.  We didn't realize the damage until the next morning.

Our satellite dish had been hit by a large limb and it curled the edge inward.  We no longer had internet.  I didn't realize how much I used it until I no longer had it.  There were limbs and branches all over the yard.  The other damage that occurred was the fencing in front of the door to the building we used for storage.  The left side was torn down.  That's sad.

I'm thinking we need to buy a new large-screen TV and a stand with mount so we would no longer have this huge piece of furniture just to hold our TV.

Now, I don't watch TV that much, normally, I watch DVDs.  No commercials, that way!  But, I really wished we could have DVR because then I could have shows like 'Bones', 'Chicago Fire', and 'Revelation' recorded because I'm usually at Bible studies when they are on.  Plus, you could flip through the commercials.  Neat, huh?