Labor Day Weekend

The following picture is one of a few I'll post here.  It is when we were singing around a campfire with two people playing along on guitar.


You can see Jef and Tyler (from our church musicians) playing their guitars.  To the right of them is Tracey, the pastors wife and who leads our worship on Sundays.

Next you will see Pastor Jeff, with his youngest asleep on his lap.

Photo: Enjoying a beautiful night sitting by the fire with my sleepy little guy. It doesn't get much better than this. 

I will say, our worship team is the greatest!  The only thing missing is Tony on the drums.  Oh, he was there, just didn't have his drums there or his drum set mutes at m123 if that's the kind he has.

We sang a lot of songs that night.  Steve's Mom was with us and she just loved it.  Her husband, Bert, played the guitar and we used to sit in their living room and just listen to him, Steve, and Tom play music.  Sometimes a friend, Elmer, I think would bring his banjo and things would get lively.  (Elmer's wife, Darlene would come over, too to listen.) 

Back to Sunday evening.  We stayed until Katiana couldn't wait any longer.  She hadn't dressed warm for the cool evening.  I gave her my long sleeve shirt and I tried to stay warm by the fire.  After a while, I gave in and told Steve, "We need to go home, now."  And so we took Elsie home, and then proceeded to go to our place.

Kat spent the night, then on Labor Day morning, she and Steve spent quality time together at the Labor Day picnic that the Union put on.  What did you do on Labor Day?