Night of the Storm

I was home alone when then electricity went off.  Luckily it happened when it was still pretty light out.  I lit a few candles in the living room and kitchen.  Then I called MidAmerican to report an outage.

I didn't worry at all until I felt wetness on the kitchen floor.  Then I noticed water on the stove and counter.  And then I saw water dripping from the light fixture.  Well, great!  The next step was to call Steve.  I knew he would be upset.  Because that means we have rain coming in the vent on the roof.

Steve, his brother, and our two boys reshingled our roof.  At that time, they put two vents in the roof to help with moisture that  builds up in the attic....I think.

The problem with that is when it rains and the wind blows in a certain direction, it blows rain in the vents.  Great!  I called Steve and he immediately turned around to come back home to deal with it.