Family Time

What started out with Steve II asking if we wanted to get together to grill, ended up with us inviting the other kids to come also.

Heather said she and Josh were just talking Saturday about maybe the family should get together for chili.  That didn't go any further and she was in the mood for chili.  Josh said Shelley had chili on the stove.  Well so much for that.

I didn't need software security solutions to figure it out.  Those two kids and families would not be coming out.  Abby said they'd be out so it was Abby and family, and Steve and Amber for grilling.  Awesome.

Now it would have been nicer with the whole family, but it was still fun seeing them.  When Steve, Amber and Vito, of course, were leaving Aiden was yelling, "Bye Beto!"  It was so cute.  He just kept saying it over and over.  Loved it!