I'm Sitting Here.....

...waiting for time to go by until Linda calls telling me she's on her way.  Once again it is Thursday evening.  Linda usually works late at her work.  She works at a doctor's office.  She calls me anywhere from 7:45 to 8:30 PM. 

I've changed my shirt once so far.  First, I had drips of butter fall on it from the two ears of corn I ate tonight.  Yummy!  I immediately put Dawn (blue) on it.  But, I didn't change yet as I wasn't finished eating yet and I tend to drip food down the front of me.

I'm really glad I didn't change as I then dropped a chip down my front.  It literally rolled down the front of me, leaving a path of dip where ever it landed.  Then it rolled onto the carpet.

Yes, I scrubbed the two spots hard.  But, I really need some carpet cleaning raleigh to come over and do the entire house.  OK, not the two bathrooms as they have tile on them.

I haven't had this carpeting cleaned for years and years.  It's pretty disgusting.  Who do you have clean your carpeting?