Mikayla Corey Has Arrived!

Abby called me at 3:00 a.m. yesterday to say they were on their way to the hospital. I told her I would meet them there and quickly got dressed. Steve had just started back to work Wednesday so he was unable to attend the event but he debated going anyway. I know it bothered him that he couldn't be there for Abby, he's always tried to be there for our kids. He told me to drive careful as he went back to bed.

Driving down our road (about halfway to the first turn), I realized I should probably take my meds with me for the day with me since I'd be needing my next dose when I normally wake up. And, also, since one of the pills is for high blood pressure and another to slow down my heart, it would probably be a good bet I'd especially need those.

I turned my car around and drove back home. As I pulled into the driveway, the yard light came on and Steve met me at the door. "What's wrong?" I told him about my meds and he agreed and said, "Watch out for the deer" as I left again.

This time I drove all the way to the stop sign at the first turn. Man! I forgot the camcorder and camera! I debated whether I should go back home again. Time is flying and Abby only lived about 15 minutes from the hospital. Back home I drove, angry with myself that I can't remember things. Just the day before I thought about making sure both items were charged up. Of course, I didn't follow through on that either!

The light came on as I pulled in again and Steve was at the door. I explained the situation as I ran to grab the things and flew back out the door. As I was driving down the road again, I realized Steve hadn't said anything to me about being careful. Well, I thought, the deer had just better look out for me. (Normally I drive 30 mph at night on our road because you are sure to see one to six deer moseying across it.)

When I finally made it to the Interstate, I breathed a sigh of relief. Justin called to tell me Abby was truly in labour. He laughed when I told him about my travels thus far and said I had plenty of time. Theresa and Jade (Justin's mom and sis) were there when I arrived. They preferred waiting in the maternity lobby during labour. I had to be there with my baby girl who sailed through the labour and delivery with flying colors. If Abby got grumpy at all she would apologize to the nurses who just lauded her through it.

Mikayla Corey Sleeth was born at 12:51 p.m., Thursday, September 25, 2008, weighing 6 lbs 5 ozs, 19 1/4 inches long. Born on the seven year anniversary date that her parents had been going together! What a day! She is beautiful! I left my camera at the hospital thinking it would be best not to have to drag everything in again, or I'd post a picture here, but I'll try to add it tonight. She caught right on to nursing, which I loved as some of my grandbabies had trouble with it. The doctor thinks she has blond hair. I forgot to ask Abby what color it was after her evening bath.

Well, I'm on the way to the hospital to see my darling daughter and granddaughter (and of course son-in-law). I'll be back to let you know what cute things she does later :) Isn't it great that we don't need snowmobile parts this time of year? Halfmoon