Little Mikayla

I worked on the paperwork for my injury for probably three hours yesterday and I think I finished it all except for copying pictures of where my car sat and getting a phone number for where I worked before Iowa Health Physicians. So, out I head to celebrate. Luckily, Abby called me and asked if I wanted to come over early. Saved by her call, I went there instead.

Mikayla is her own sweet little self. She actually looks like she's gaining weight, must be getting good stuff from her Mommy. Abby looks really good too! I had Theresa order pizza before I got there so it arrived shortly after I did. It was great. I got so excited when the pizza came that I forgot to give him the coupon when I gave him the money. Oops!

Theresa left at 5:30 and Steve arrived around that time. Linda came a short while later and they had pizza too. I didn't realize that Abby sat in a bean bag chair when she left the room to nurse. I asked her if she wanted us to leave when she nursed so she could sit in the rocker. I could tell she really appreciated the thought. When Justin arrived, Mikayla was gearing up to nurse so I told Steve and Linda, let's get going. It was probably the first evening they were alone together.

Steve just called me a little while ago. There's talk of layoff again. He's only worked 5 days. Oh, well, if he gets layed off, we'll head for Alabama. Maybe we should start looking at used Harleys. Just joking, I'm sure my back wouldn't be able to handle riding on one, wish it was. Halfmoon