Soccer Galore

Four of my grandchildren play soccer this season and it is great! I will have to tell you that I am a sideline cheerleader for whichever team I'm watching. Heather got me started attending the grandkids' games, so it's her fault! LOL

Katiana's team is such a real hoot to watch! One game I attended the game couldn't start because the opposing team didn't have enough players on the field. They only play three kids to a team. The other team only had one child willing to run on the field to play. The others cried and kept shaking their heads "No." Finally one of the girls from our team turned her shirt inside out and played for the opposing team.

Jordan is a really great goalie and I just love it when he stops those goals from being made! All of the teams my grandkids are on do not officially keep score, but believe it when I tell you the kids his age keep count and know who won!

Taylor has come a long way from when she started. Actually, she improves with every game I see her play in. She isn't afraid to go after the ball, even when the opposing team are ganging up around her. I am so proud of her! I went to one of her games today. Naturally, I'm wore out after the games because I've been rooting the team on very vocally.

Yesterday I went to Sydney's game and she is a little fireball going after the ball. At one point Stevie said, "Man, Mom, I can't hear now." He mentioned remembering me holler at his and Josh's games too!

Before you know it, Alyce and Jadah will be on teams. We'll give Carter and Mikayla a few years before they join, but look out then! I may have to be helped onto the field, but I'll still be hollering for our side! Speaking of Mikayla, Grandma should probably be looking at strollers
for that little one, huh? Hope you all had a nice weekend.....Halfmoon