Not Good News

As I was driving to Abby's Tuesday morning (as if the day wasn't bad enough), Heather called and gave me bad news. Jordan's Dad, Earl, was in the hospital. She was heading there with Jordan as we spoke. I told her I'd call her after I helped Abby at her appointment.

I guess Nick (Jordan's older half-brother) found Earl Monday night on the floor. He thought Earl was having seizures. Earl's Mom came over with her blood pressure machine and couldn't get a blood pressure on him. They called the ambulance, but they also couldn't get a blood pressure on him, then they took him to the ER.

Apparently he had a ruptured spleen and he lost 4 pints of blood, bleeding internally. Man! He is lucky to be alive. Heather stayed for a while with Jordan, but felt uncomfortable being there so she asked if I could take him up later.

I had changed my tire appointment at Saturn to 3:30 thinking I wouldn't have to rush with Abby that way. As I drove away from her house at 12:30, I called Saturn to see if they still had a 1:00 appointment. Since they did, I drove straight there and called to let Heather know I would pick up Jordan after the tire was fixed (so I wouldn't have to rush his visit to be back at Saturn by 3:30).

Would you believe it? Saturn took 2 1/2 hours with a stupid tire. Actually, they said they were waiting on the company to approve replacing the tire. Well, I have better things to do! I was pretty angry by the time I left for Heather's.

The time at the hospital went well. Jordan asked the nurses and techs all kinds of questions and they were amazed at what he'd remember. They took the ventilator off of Earl while we were there. (I would have preferred waiting in the lobby, but Jordan wanted to stay.) I told Jordan he needed to be a doctor when he grew up so he could support his Grandma Fern and me! Fern laughed and agreed.

After a few hours, I took Jordan back to Heather's and visited for a while. I think it was around 7:30 when I got back home. Long day! No rest for the weary, huh? Halfmoon