Cellulitis Again?

Steve had Cellulitis in his wrist and arm area a while back. (You'll remember our roofing experience!) About a week ago, he showed me a sore above his hand in the same area he had problems before. My advice was to go have it checked out. He thought maybe he had poison ivy or oak again. Isn't it past that season? Besides, he hasn't been working outdoors.

As per the norm, he ignored me and continued working a few days. Then one evening he shows me his wrist area again. Swelled up with three sores now. I didn't see any redness at least. Again, I encouraged him to go have it checked out. He just doesn't feel he has time with working in Ankeny, then going to the Y, by the time that's done, it's too late to go to a clinic.

Night before last I can't remember if there were four or five sores but I told him he'd better get to the clinic directly from work, then if there's time he can go to the Y. Thankfully, he did just that. They took fluid from one of the sores and will call him with the results. You know, the hospital took four or five tubes of blood from Steve when he had to have IVs and never called with results.

Maybe this time we will know what is causing this problem. I'm thinking more strongly about getting mortgage life insurance. I don't know what I'd do if something happened to Steve.

This is probably a good wake-up call to get our will finished too. Man, I hate doing things like that don't you? One of those things you hate to go through but are glad you got it done, right? Have a great day! Halfmoon