What a Start to the Day!

My plan, Tuesday, was to meet Abby at 9:45 to go with her to the doctor. I had my alarm set to go off at 6:30, but at 5:50 Steve came in the bedroom "You have a flat tire (completely flat) on the front of your car and I don't have time to change it."

Well, great! Oh, well, I have free maintenance on the tires, and Saturn gave me free roadside assistance. They did grade the road recently, but there isn't much gravel left on it, you'd think I'd have had a flat sooner than now. Steve had two flats last weekend. (And I was considering myself lucky!)

I trudged out to the garage in my sweats and winter coat. I borrowed a pair of Steve's slip-ons (easier than tying mine) which was a bad idea because they kept rubbing on the top of my right foot :( After finally finding my tire contract, I threw the keys to the Vue on the driver's side floor and headed back into the house.

Thinking I could still get my time in the whirlpool tub, I called the 800 number and was asked if I was in a safe place and if I'd be near the car. I forgot that I might have to sign for the tire to be done. OK, maybe I should eat breakfast while waiting for the guy to show up. Meanwhile, I decided to take the car out of the garage as Steve hates for it to be open with the trouble we've had in the past (2 slashed tires on my Vue) with one neighbor's family. I was surprised the car didn't want to back up, I really had to give it the gas to get it to move, but finally the deed was done.

Thinking Steve would be proud of me for taking the car out of the garage and locking it up, I called him. He was upset that I drove on a completely flat tire. Well, I get free tires anyway so deal with it! I can't seem to win for losing! By 7:15 my dummy was on and I headed into the house to get my relief in the whirlpool jets. What a way to start my day, huh? Halfmoon