Visiting Grandma & Grandpa

Abby and Mikayla came over today for a nice visit. When Abby called I asked if she had eaten breakfast yet. She had 'somewhat of a breakfast' and so she was thrilled when I told her I was making bacon and eggs. Yum! We try not to have it too often, but we've had it for two weekends in a row now.

Mikayla is growing so much it is really bad when you miss a week or more. She is nearly 4 months old now. Rarely does she lay back in your arms, has to be pulling herself upright to see what's going on. She was so cute on Grandpa's lap, no matter which way he set her, she'd turn clear around to see what was behind her. Soooo funny!

I asked Abby if she'd given her a bath yet and the response was no. She'd just pooped her pants so I figured it was OK to give her one, right? Right after I washed her and shampooed her hair, she poops all over the water! What a riot. Abby was laughing so hard, I thought she was going to fall over. It was pretty funny. Luckily I had a pitcher of the bath water (clean) handy, I rinsed her off and handed her in a towel to her mom.

After washing the tub out, I took my own bath. When I returned to the living room, Abby was munching on Fritos and cream cheese. "It's Dad's fault!" she said. We all tend to love that as a snack and Abby normally doesn't have it at home.

We had a wonderful visit. I always love it when I can see Abby. We don't get together as much as our other three kids. I suppose it is the distance between our homes. Lately, I haven't seen Heather's family as they've had sickness (and I can't afford to get down sick, neither can Dad).
Abby called last night upset and asking for prayer as Justin's Aunt Bridget was in the hospital and they thought she had a blood clot in her heart. Steve and I were waiting in line at a restaurant, but we just stopped where we were and I lifted up prayer for Justin's aunt.
Before the meal was over, Abby called and said that the clot was gone! Praise the Lord! He is the Healer!
I'm less than a half-pound from my lowest point in years. I keep flirting with trying out Decaslim. I'll have to ask the doctor if I can take that with the meds that I'm on.
Hope you had a great weekend. Here's to a great week of weather (compared to our coldest week last week!) Halfmoon


Heather said...

daaaa! She's so cute!!! That's a good picture of you and dad! Love you!

suzz31 said...

What a sweetheart she is getting so big already, she is beautiful. The tub story was great, been there and done that:)