Well, That Was Fun!

Since Steve hit a 10-point buck Friday morning, and I needed to take Steve II to sign some legal work, I would need my car. I got up at 4 a.m. yesterday to start my routine. It takes me a while in the whirlpool tub to be able to walk around without the excruciating pain that I wake up with.

I was in the car by 6 and off we went. Of course, my darling husband had a few things he wanted me to do, too. The main thing was taking an envelope to Maaco that held a note and a check. Since I dropped Steve off at about 10 till 7, I drove directly to Maaco hoping they would open at 7 or have a drop slot in their door. No such luck, they open at 8 and no place to slide the envelope.

I found things to do until 11:10 then off to Adel to pick up Steve II at his job. I got there about 15 minutes early so I did some serious reading in the car. I turned the car off for about half that time and then started it up again as it was getting cold. Finally, my son is getting into the car and then we are going to the bank.

After waiting a few minutes, we were called into an office and the signing took less than five minutes. I stopped by Caseys for Steve to grab something for lunch and then took him back to work. He leaned towards me, kissed me on the cheek, told me he loved me, and said "Thanks, Mom, I mean it!" It made me feel so good. Usually I have to force the kids to hug me and lean down for me to kiss them.

On the road again, I decide I'm heading home for some zzzzzz's. It takes me forever to fall asleep, and it was 1:00 when I layed down. I set my alarm for 2:24 as I had to drop Steve II's papers off in Des Moines, then pick up my husband at 3:30. I woke up at 2:16, shut off the alarm, and got ready to leave.

After pickup up Steve, we stopped at HyVee for a few groceries and then headed home. What a long and boring day. Believe me, I was ready to hand over my car keys for Steve to take my car the next day! Don't get me up in the morning. Of course, his alarm went off at 4 and woke me up. Which is weird, because usually I sleep through his alarm.

So I am alone at home with no transportation to speak of. I seriously don't mind it today since yesterday is still fresh in my mind. Maaco said they might have the truck fixed by Saturday! I sincerely hope so. Although I don't normally mind Steve taking the car, I feel sort of trapped out here without it.

We seriously need some new
office furniture in this room. While I was excited to have this big desk when Heather first gave it to me, it takes up so much room, I wish it was upstairs with Steve's computer on it. Then I could have a small computer desk for my laptop.

Sorry this is probably boring today. Maybe something more exciting will happen tomorrow! (Hopefully no new adventures though!) Halfmoon