A Long Day

I piddled around most of the morning and afternoon. At 3:30 Steve came home (he'd worked half the day), then we left to go pick up Steve II and the girls. First stop was at Lutheran Church of Hope. After checking the girls in at their classes, Stevie and I headed to the sanctuary to meet Steve.

The sermon was good (a little long) with a few shots of laughter here and there. Pastor Housholder is really funny. He tells it like it is. After church we discussed where to go for supper and finally decided (while I was in the wrong lane) to go to Burger King.

The food was great, after finishing up there, it was on to Walmart. I've been smarter the last few trips, swallowed my pride, and rode the electric cart around behind Steve II. I can't walk very long before the pain in my back and hips is so severe, I have to stop and find a place to sit. It's very frustrating as I can't sit for very long either (then I have to walk a short while).

Getting groceries took longer than normal for some unknown reason. By the time we were in the car again, everyone was getting crabby. Nothing like having an atmosphere of crabby people! We stopped at HyVee for a few minutes for me to deposit a check and withdraw money.

We had rented a DVD at Walmart and were planning to watch it at Stevie's. Halfway to Adel, my dear husband (DH) was snoring. True, he got up at 2:30 a.m., so I imagine was worn out by then (9:45 p.m.). So, instead of going in to watch the movie, we headed home (after unloading Steve's groceries).

Steve II mentioned they are cutting hours at his work. Maybe he should check into getting CDL training so he could get a better job. Hope you all stay warm and safe! Halfmoon