Steve and His Girls

Steve II called me yesterday and invited us to come spend the evening with he and his girls, while munching on pizza! Sounded great to me (I relish any invitation that gets me out of making supper!)

First we had a trip in to Des Moines to pick up Steve's truck which was a little scary. I wondered if it would be a repeat of last weekend. I also did not want to put it off since that would mean being without a car through Monday. The roads were starting to ice up on the way in. By the time we left Maaco, it started to snow.

Snow, in and of itself, is not too bad. It is when it is on top of ice, that makes me nervous. I took Hwy 6 to Adel and from Waukee on, followed a snowplow the whole way into the town of Adel! That made me drive 30 mph, but since I was going to be too early to pick up the pizza, decided that would be just fine.

After arriving at Steve's, we each filled our plates with pizza, then I sat at the table with Sydney and Jadah and listened to Syd and Steve try to talk Jadah into spelling her name for Grandma and Grandpa. Since Steve was still getting Jadah's pizza cut up, he said, "Jadah, if you want pizza, spell your name." Sure enough, that was the trick "JADH", was Jadah's response. Okay, she left an A out but she is one smart little cookie! She just turned 3 last weekend, I wonder if Angie uses memory cards with her.

Sydney sat next to me on the couch as we watched 'Flashpointe' (sp?). It was about a diplomat's wife having a necklace bomb on her neck and was pretty freaky. The wife played one smart, calm and cool lady. I don't think I could have acted that reserved facing probable death. Okay, I know it's just a movie but ya just never know about life, it could happen!

The show had a great ending and then Grandpa and I headed for home. By then it had snowed quite a bit. Wonderful, I just love living in Iowa (NOT!) We made it safely home, called Stevie and let him know we arrived, then headed to bed! Here's hoping you all are safe and secure! Halfmoon