Blizzard Warning

Today, a very typical day in an Iowa winter, has given us the alert of an approaching blizzard. Wonderful, huh? We will have a low of zero and a high tomorrow of 12 degrees. Have I mentioned that, although living here all my life, I hate living in Iowa?

I spoke with Heather this morning and she mentioned schools were letting out early due to the blizzard warning. I decided I'd best get out of the whirlpool and drive into Adel to get some library books. I only had approximately 60 pages left to read in the last book I have left, if I'm going to be stuck home, I will go stir crazy without books. (Have I mentioned my addiction to books?)

As a child, I received a library card when very young and can remember taking the bus with my sister, Sue, and then later by myself, to the library. I have had a love of reading from a very early age.

Jordan, my oldest grandson, although he has a Gameboy (and would love a PS3), loves to read. That probably comes in part from his mother being addicted to reading, a close second to his grandmother's.

Steve just made it home. He mentioned he had to drive 40 mph, and slower in some spots, on the interstate due to the ice and blowing snow. I'm glad he made it, I worried until he arrived.

That's it for now, as I've been saying: Stay safe and warm! Halfmoon