Heather and Baby

I met Heather at her OB appointment so I could watch the three kids while she was being checked. Since the OB couldn't determine if the head was down, she had an ultrasound done right there.

We were able to go in for the ultrasound which is always cool! The baby is in the breach position right now. True, she still has a touch over four weeks to go but, we're talking a big baby. The doctor said if he hasn't turned by week 38, they will schedule a ceserean for week 39.

Ok, that's a little daunting in itself. But, we've come a long way since women had to try to deliver a breach baby. Right? Still, Heather hates surgeries (can't say that I blame her).

I got a really neat picture of the three kids sitting on the floor waiting for the US to begin. Of course, I can't find any attachment to my camera to be able to upload it to this computer. What a drag!

With money getting tighter for everyone, we hit our fair share yesterday. Steve stopped at the Coop to pay for our last fillup of propane (over $640). In the afternoon (just before that) they arrive to fill up our propane again. We just had 300 gallons put in December 17. With yesterday's amount, we're talking over $1280 for propane. The worst thing is that Steve was told even though the price of the propane is $1.70 a gallon, we are charged $2.12 a gallon because we are under a contract. I don't think that's fair!

To top it all off, Steve was going to use one of the checks the credit card statement included because it would then be 0 interest and his checkbook wouldn't go down quite as much all at once. While sitting in the Coop parking lot, he notices the checks have an expiration date (the previous day). (Bummer!) So, my dear husband has been a might bit grouchy for a while. Thankfully, Linda came over last night, so he was nice to be around the whole evening.

Ok, I'm not asking for silk ties and white lace, but, couldn't we get a break pretty soon? I mean, the roof is leaking (just put on this summer), so we'll have to deal with that, the house has a funky smell to it (Steve said there's no water in the crawl space, but I think that's the culprit), it could possibly be a mouse (ugh), could someone brighten my life?

Let's hope the economy starts turning around. I know everyone could use a break! Have a good one! Halfmoon