Kat and Alyce cont.

I decided to leave Alyce's outfit on, just take off her coat and shoes to see if she would stay asleep. Kat put her own pajamas on, so that was easy. I checked Alyce's diaper and it was still dry, yeah!

Kat wanted to watch a DVD she'd brought with her, so we popped it in to let her watch it. Pretty soon she started getting tired, but along with it she started missing her Mom. Heather called about then and Kat asked to talk to her. She started crying and said she wanted to go home. The whole reason we were watching the girls was so Heather and Pato could shop for Xmas presents early on Black Friday.

Heather calmed Kat down and she layed back down and went to sleep. A few hours later, Alyce woke up crying for her Mom. I called Heather and Heather sang to her, which didn't work. So she explained to Alyce that Mommy needs Alyce to stay with Grandma so she can shop for Alyce's birthday present (Tuesday birthday). She wants a present, right? Alyce was fighting crying so hard, but she agreed to stay. What a sweetheart!

I was really glad they went to sleep because one of the toys they like to play with is a little cash register and the barcode scanner no longer works, I think that is their favorite part. I'll have to look for a new one. Halfmoon